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My name is Melissa Despain.  I am a certified life coach, a wife,  business owner, gardner,  horse owner, noni, sister, friend, daughter,  lgbtq+ ally , and a Christian.  Whew!  I was  pretty satisfied with the life I had built,  but there were things that had me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated,  anxious and worried.  I didn't know how to let go of those things and  sometimes found myself literally losing sleep over them.  Then I found coaching.  It changed everything, and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!  

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My Story

Several years ago my life went topsy turvy.  The things I thought I knew and understood to be true, turned out not to be so certain. I couldn't seem to put the pieces of the puzzle in the right place, nothing fit any more.  I felt emotionally tapped out.  Honestly, I cried  a lot, which is very out of character for me.    I was feeling so much pain, so much sorrow, so much confusion and I could not get a grip on any of it.   My husband, bless his heart, tried. He just did not know how to help.  My life was changing in big ways and I thought it was a disaster.  My kids were all leaving the house, we were moving, I was trying to re-enter the work force with little success, my dad's health was failing and my youngest child had just "come out".  I was deeply questioning my faith and myself.   The life I had  meticulously pieced together for years seemed to be coming apart at the seams and I wasn't sure what to do to put it back together.   Life just happens", is what I heard over and over again and I did not want it to "just keep happening" to me!  I cannot remember exactly how but I stumbled upon a workshop called "Train your Brain" by master certified life coach Jody Moore.  I figured things could not possibly get worse, so why not?  In this workshop I learned that I had the power to think anything I wanted, feel how I wanted to feel, get the results I hoped for and that my brain had been running amuck with me!  What?  It seemed impossible.  Surely, I was in control of my own brain.  Nope.    I learned how to differentiate my thoughts from the facts (let me tell you that was the tricky part).  Our brains want to be right and collect a lot of evidence to that end, but that doesn't make it a fact.  Thoughts trigger emotions, which trigger our actions and thats where we get our results from.  This is such great news!  In fact it  changed everything so much that I wanted to pass it on to others so I enrolled in the Certified Coach Program at The Life Coach School and here I am.  Don't get me wrong here, it is work to sort it all out.  Even as a certified coach myself, I still have a coach, because I am a human and I get tangled in my thoughts and sometimes I need someone to see from the outside.   For me is has been life changing work, but work I am so willing to engage in.  I am in control of my own emotions, no one can make me feel anything, I have taken back that power.  I know that I cannot control or change anyone but myself and that is liberating!  I find myself curious, not judgemental of both myself and others.  Life does not just happen to me anymore, I am living and intentional life and it is far bigger than anything I could have ever imagined!  Come with me, let me show you how!!

Curious?  Let me show you how.

It is absolutely possible to live an intentional life.  Its all about becoming aware of your thoughts.  


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